Registration of Employment Permits

In 2017, the further changes in the legislative acts regulating, among other things, the procedure for issuing work permits entered into force. It is worth noting that the new procedure has a number of significant advantages and is aimed at liberalizing the policy of employment of foreign citizens in Ukrainian companies and encouraging investment in them.

Thus, the requirements for the “unique” qualification of a foreigner were abolished, the possibility of employment of foreigners with sole proprietors was provided, the concept of “special” categories of foreigners was introduced, for which it was possible to issue a work permit for up to 3 years, the list of required documents was reduced, etc.

However, taking into account the fact that work permits in the majority of cases were the basis for obtaining a temporary residence permit, it should be noted that the minimum wage requirements for foreigners were introduced in the amount of 32,000/16,000 UAH (depending on the place of employment) for all categories except for the “special” one, a fee was introduced for the extension of work permits, the terms for examining applications for issuing and renewal were changed, and so on. In addition, the procedure has been significantly “updated”, and therefore, the new practice of law enforcement is only being formed which causes an ambiguous interpretation of the norms, and generates inconveniences and complications.

Law Firm “DOMINANTA” has a rich practical experience in the labor legalization of foreigners. The guarantee of high quality of the services offered is undoubtedly our team. Our specialists have a unique practical experience, have all the necessary skills to study all important issues at the expert level to the maximum and create personal methods of legalization for their customers.

We offer the following scheme of cooperation with our company:

  • primary consultation in our office to determine the most optimal variant for obtaining a work permit
  • receiving and analyzing customer’s documents by our specialists
  • choosing the most optimal package of services by the customer
  • executing a contract for provision of the legal services
  • obtaining a work permit

We strive to create comfortable and favorable terms of cooperation for our customers, therefore we offer the following service packages:

If you still decided to apply for a work permit by yourself, we recommend that you take into account the following facts:

  • to analyze and determine the category that you fall into in order to determine the correct list of documents;
  • to collect and prepare documents in accordance with your category;
  • to carry out all actions complying with the requirements of the acting legislation and the terms of lawful stay on the territory of Ukraine established for citizens of the country of residence of a foreigner;
  • to keep the established terms for payment of the state payment, the terms for the extension of the work permit.

The permit for employment in Ukraine today is not only the basis for obtaining a residence permit, but also the possibility of legal earnings for foreigners. However, as follows from the foregoing, the procedure for obtaining a permit is quite complex both from the legal point of view and requires considerable time, resources and forces. The specialists of our company will provide you with the necessary legal support in full to ensure that you get the maximum result within the shortest possible time.

We strive for best results!