Registration of temporary residence permits

The issue of legalizing the stay of foreigners is especially relevant for Odessa both as a tourist capital and one of the business centers of Ukraine. The most common way of legalizing immigrants is to obtain a temporary residence permit. However, the practice shows that it is difficult to independently puzzle out the twists and turns of the migration legislation, not to overstay the legal period of stay in the country and to promptly undergo the procedure for obtaining a permit.

Such pitfalls of the law can be avoided through the cooperation with our company. Specialists of Law Firm “DOMINANTA” have practical experience, creative thinking and a responsible approach to executing the assigned tasks. This is precisely why, for our part, we guarantee the implementation of all legal actions that depend on us in order to obtain a positive result.

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We offer the following cooperation scheme for potential customers:

  • primary consultation in our office where we will determine the legal status of the foreigner and possible options for obtaining a temporary residence permit (TRP
  • receiving and analyzing customer’s documents by our specialists, development of a procedure for obtaining a TRP
  • choosing the most optimal package of services by the customer
  • executing a contract for provision of the legal services
  • obtaining a TRP

We strive to create comfortable and favorable terms of cooperation for our customers, therefore we offer the following service packages:

Nevertheless, if you have decided to obtain a TRP by yourself, we will advise you how to do it, just follow our instructions:

Step 1

to determine the reasons for obtaining a TRP, which may be:

  • employment at a Ukrainian enterprise (since September 27, 2017 – also with sole proprietors (entities which carry out entrepreneurial activities));
  • arrival for reunification with a family member who is a citizen of Ukraine or has a TRP;
  • studies in the territory of Ukraine;
  • arrival for:
    • realization of correspondent activities or representation of foreign mass media;
    • implementation of international technical assistance projects;
    • preaching of religious beliefs;
    • participation in the activities of structural units of foreign public organizations;
    • work at representative offices of foreign economic entities or banking institutions;
    • conduct of cultural and educational activities and participation in international volunteer programs.

Step 2

to collect a package of documents

  • General list of documents for all reasons:
    • passport, copies of all of its filled pages as well as a notarized translation of the page with personal data);
    • receipt for payment of state duty;
    • 4 matte photographs 3.5*4.5 cm;
    • Taxpayer Identification Number, its copy (if any);
    • health insurance policy.
  • There is also an additional set of documents established for each reason which must be collected in each specific situation.

Step 3

to submit a complete package of documents to the territorial body or subdivision of The State Migration Service of Ukraine at the place of residence and to receive the TRP within a 10-day period.

As you can see, there is nothing unrealistic in obtaining a residence permit by yourself, however, at each of the moments you will find a lot of nuances that can significantly increase the time for collecting the relevant documentation.

By selecting any of the proposed options for cooperation with us, you will undoubtedly not only save your nerves and resources, but also significantly accelerate the process of passing this procedure.

We strive for best results!