The agrarian law

The agricultural and industrial complex has not lost its leading position on the export market of Ukraine for a long time. The unique natural conditions for the development of this industry, as well as the prospects for entering the European and international markets, ensure a stable investment attractiveness of this sector of the economy.

At the same time, these factors promote the formation of strict rules of competition for "a right to exist" between large agricultural holdings. In such conditions, middle-class farmers are particularly vulnerable. However, like a large-scale business, small farms require qualified legal support. For example, the problem of registration of a land bank is the most painful for all enterprises, as far as it directly affects the efficiency of their activities.

You can not underestimate the problem of lending to agricultural producers. For some households, bank loans are the only way to get financing on time, for example, for a sowing campaign. Unfair conditions of loan agreements in the future can often deprive them of output yield that will be paid for the debt.

The problem of selling finished products is extremely acute now. Due to the lack of the necessary capacity and knowledge to organize sales abroad, the majority of farms are forced to do this through internal intermediaries at a very unprofitable price for them.

At the same time, the agrarian sector has recently been under active pressure of raider attacks. Due to in the absence of the necessary legal protection, many owners have already lost everything because of illegal actions of third parties. In addition, agricultural activities involve other risks, which cannot be completely avoided because of their natural origin, and can only be minimized.

Law Firm "DOMINATA" has vast practical experience in support of activities in this area. The guarantee of high quality of the offered legal services is undoubtedly our team. Our lawyers have a unique practical experience; they possess all the necessary skills for maximum optimization of the work of an agricultural enterprise. In addition, attorneys in agrarian law not only advise managers on all legal issues of the enterprise, but also provide the most profound analysis of problematic aspects at the expert level.

Among our clients are large agricultural producers of both regional and all-Ukrainian significance. All of them are accredited subjects of foreign economic activities and export their products on independently identified and most favorable terms. In addition, we guarantee our clients a loan on fair terms, and also ensure the minimization of financial risks.

For future customers, we offer flexible terms of cooperation.

The scheme of work with our company is as follows:

  • a preliminary meeting at the office to determine the specifics of the services a customer needs;
  • the customer's choice of a package of services;
  • signing a contract for the provision of legal services;
  • accomplishment of the assigned tasks, giving the finished result to the customer.

For the category of entrepreneurs who are accustomed to operating without involving third-party specialists, we recommend paying special attention to the following issues:

  • the proper registration of legal grounds of land usage;
  • the construction of the work of the enterprise, which will make it possible to become a payer of the single tax of the 4th group – the share of agricultural production for the last fiscal year should be equal to or exceed 75%;
  • proper execution of accounting and reporting documentation;
  • signing of contracts with counter-parties that have a positive reputation for activities on terms that maximally protect your interests;
  • the organization of export-import transactions and payments on them in compliance with the requirements of Ukrainian and international legislation.

We draw your attention to the fact that you can certainly organize a company as a good manager, but to maximize the optimization of its work from the point of view of tax planning, protection from unfair competitors and counter-parts, one cannot do without the professional assistance of experienced lawyers. Specialists of our company will provide you with comfortable working conditions, protecting against all possible legal risks.

We work for your success!

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